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About Us

About Us

Founded more than 30 years ago following almost 20 years  experience in the field of professional electronics, from the  very beginning Dralmi has provided expertise and knowledge  in its work; by following some succesful yet simple principles:

• supplying the Italian Electronics Industry with its expertise and knowledge of International Markets, an industry that faces continuous technological evolution on a daily basis

• searching for new products, materials and components with the highest possible reliability, produced by fully-certified industries with an up-to-date approach to quality and service

• ensuring the best price/quality deals for material supplies

• providing rigorous and thorough care of each order, supported by its own large inventory in Milan

Throughout its 30 years Dralmi has been able to meet the requirements of a market that is becoming more and more specialized, where customers and supplier are considered partners, working together with common objectives in mind.

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