Products - High Performance Laminates And Prepregs

There are applications in which Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) must achieve absolute stability over long periods, even under extremely harsh conditions. Examples are aerospace as well as down hole drilling sector, where the replacement of components is impossible or prohibitively expensive, and at the same time the operating conditions show temperature and stress extremes. In these areas, high stability laminates are needed, either polyimide based or epoxy.
  • Avionic
  • Space and satellite
  • Military and Defence
  • Engine Control Units
  • Burn-In boards for semiconductor test
  • Down hole drilling
  • Industrial sensors
Dralmi offers, in these cases, panels made by ARLON, whose reliability is proven by a long experience in the most demanding applications. From oil and gas research facilities, to satellite development, to missile control systems, ARLON products are used where stability is not negotiable.

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