Products - High Power And High Voltage Resistors

Several industrial applications have extremely large power and tension requirements; within these devices both values can reach such high values that they cannot be managed by common components. Instead they require high quality thick film non inductive resistances. Among the applications where this situation occurs most often, we can certainly name: railway and inverter engineering, but similar requirements can also be found in laboratory equipment or power supplies: from induction furnaces to X-ray devices.
  • Power supplies and Drivers for electric engines
  • Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles
  • Traction: trains and subways
  • Inverters for Power Plants
  • X-Ray devices
To offer the highest quality products required in these situations, Dralmi relies on EBG – Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH, an Austrian manufacturer that supplies high-power and high-voltage resistors to some of the world's leading OEMs.

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