Products - Laminates For High Frequency Transmissions

After multi-band and broadband antenna designs, the high-frequency transmissions technology sees new developments such as semi-active and active antenna systems, or implementations of MIMO antennas. PCBs developed for these devices and other frequency-sensitive applications, require PTFE (Teflon) laminates that deliver the electrical performance needed in frequency-dependent circuit applications such as base station antennas, phased array radars, power amplifier boards, communications systems, and various other antenna applications.
  • Base-station antennas
  • Radars
  • Power amplifiers
  • Communication systems and other antenna’s applications
  • 5G infrastructure
  • Automotive Advanced Driver
  • Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Gasket for refrigeration equipment
Dralmi offers ROGERS ACS products, adhering to the best standards for low loss laminates. These laminates are used both in large systems such as radar systems, landing systems and devices for broadcasting and telecommunications, and in areas of lower complexity such as electronic toll collection and surveillance systems.

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