Products - Photovoltaic

The photovoltaic sector is one of the most interesting among alternative energies and, in order to face the challenges of the international market, components must be of superior quality and performance. Despite a development rate that is not always constant, the production of clean energy still has great prospects for the immediate future.
  • Crystalline cell Photovoltaic panels
  • Thin film Photovoltaic panels
Dralmi deals with two specific products related to the construction of photovoltaic panels. As for the high reliability backsheet for PV panels, our product portfolio includes TEDLAR, KYNAR and polyester laminates manufactured by KREMPEL, one of the first companies that recognized the potential of this market. As for the interconnection of photovoltaic cells, we offer our customers the ribbon produced by LUVATA under the Sunwire brand, whose uniquely soft structure reduces cell breakages and electrical resistance, enabling greater energy production.

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